Rules, security direction and equipment

Before each trip the customer must show valid identification documents, fills in and signs the declaration. Then s/he gets informed about the Segway machines, rules and handling. No driving documents are necessary for riding Segway. The price includes a 10-minute instruction about Segway manipulation. This time is of course excluded from the time of the trip. On the arrival at the starting point your instructor will explain to you the basic rule of safe driving and then you can start. You can stay longer, you will only be charged for pure driving time.

Technical data and parameters of Segway X2:

Height of footrests:24 cm
Width of footrests:53,3 x 77,5 cm
Weight of the machine54,4 kg
Load capacity 25 - 115 kg
Load capacity with load max. 118 kg
Power:2 Li-ion baterie
Charging time:10 hours
Access: 32 km
Wheels:10 inch polished aluminium
Tyres:7 inch low-pressure
Speed:20km/hour max
Display:multicolour backlit LCD


We ride all year round in any weather.


Comfortable shoes (trainers), protective helmet. In cold weather more layers of comfortable clothes.

We lend the helmet, mackintosh, gloves for free.

Rules, how the segway tour looks like, how to control segway and technical parameters our segways to rent

Our segway rent offers both types of machines, segway offroad X2 and city segway I2, for both these types, is not necessary to own any specific driving licence. Tour on segway is allways connected with skilled guide. His job is to 100% taking care of wishes and quality of tour and lead such track, which are ridable for segway and safe for clients. We run segway tours whole year long, 365 days in year, in every weather.

Rules for using segway

Every authorized segway rental, which is included in segway rent association, obey these rules. These rules, for increasing safety of using segway machines on land comunications, were defined by studies. Client and submitter of this studies was part of Prague city 1. The studies was made by Traffic faculty of ČVUT, institute of judicial expertise in traffic. Rules for use of segway machines, which has to be obey as clients, also púerator of this service, are following:

  1. User of segway is part of traffic on land comunications, which parts are also sidewalks and so, as a pedistrian he is required to:
    a) behave considerately and disciplined, so that it's actions was not life threatning, health or properity of others and also its own, to not damage life enviroment or lives of animals. He has to adapt his behaviour to constructive and transport technical status of surface route, weather conditions, situation in surface traffic and to his own abilities and health conditions
    b )follow the rules of surface traffic governed by law, the police instructions, or instructions from authorized person to manage the traffic on the roads,
    c )to follow the lighst , or even accompanying acoustic signals, such as crossing the road using pedestrian crossings, traffic signs, transport facilities and equipment for operational details.
  2. We recommend that identify the places or streets with an extremely narrow sidewalks and pedestrian foot traffic , and there - due to the particularities of local conditions – prohibit operation of Segways by written order for all segway operators . Identifying such places or streets is not the subject of this study.
  3. User Segways is considered as a pedestrian in compliance with the conditions, that speed of Segways must be technically limited to a maximum of 10 km/h. When using other modes, allowing to reach higher speed than the speed of walking, the user on Segway can not be considered pedestrians , so higher speeds than 10 km/h in places designated for pedestrians is prohibited. The speed limit have a practical importance for segway rental operators, so the group will not be faster than the slowest part of the group. Segways can not be used on a sidewalk on other, than 'walking mode', because it is not approved.
  4. When passing pedestrians on segway, user may not go faster than 6 km/h in the area where it is away from pedestrians less than 6 m
  5. Segway user do not have precedence over pedestrians .
  6. Segway user must ride on the sidewalk, on the right side (except for passing pedestrians ), while it may not be around the exits of houses and shops or from other buildings. This reduces the ride of Segways in a given direction on the sidewalk on the left side of the street ( to the direction ). The streets, where only one of the sidewalks wide enough, you can enable ride Segways only in the direction in which driving on the right side of the street is not going to drive around the exits of houses and shops or exits from other buildings.
  7. Segway user must pay full attention to controling the segway. While driving or while standing on the Segway, he can not make phone calls, smoke, eat , drink, taking pictures etc.
  8. Segway user may not be under the influence of alcohol – that is why segway companies can not offer tours with stops associated with the consumption of beer or other alcohol .
  9. The segway machine may be ride with only a single user. The second user on one segway is prohibited. This also applies for child in the back seat or to harness on chest.
  10. Segway of leading guide, must be equipped with a sounding bell for bicycles, located in the immediate reach of the rider's hand (or other devices generating noise like a bicycle bell ). The bell is used only in case of emergency. Pedestrians are always appealed with first group member, a guide, to avoid pedestrians , startled sound behind him. Equipping the bell on every segway in group is not recommended.
  11. Segway remains a mean of transport, although it belong the rules applicable to a pedestrian under the Act on Road Traffic. Guide of a group of tourists on borrowed Segway is also an instructor in, segway users under his leadership are moving along the sidewalks that are part of the ground traffic. Therfore the activities of companies engaged in renting segway in Prague to visitors, are practicly similiare to practice of driving schools. Therefore, the authority to operate such activities should be regulated like permission to operate a driving school. We recommend authorize a Segway carts only those entities which are organized into associations and subjected to common rules.
  12. Each Segway must have label that identifies the segway rental itself. If there is renting between segway rent companies, all carts must be marked with the same - current operator. Labelling serves not only to the current designation of the operator responsible for the ride on a Segway, but also as advertising. Metal tables are not permitted, as this could lead to an increase risk of injury.
  13. Guide Group is also obliged to prove their identity on demand to members of Czech Republic Police, or the City Police. To do this, he must stop and give the order to stop whole group. Police officer is entitled to use technical means to verify that the user is not a suspect under the influence of alcohol. In the positive case, the Segway detain and then transports the operator 's cost.
  14. Guide has right to refuse a rent of segway machine to client, which after instructions, is not able to manage control segway machine and the segway ride would be a risk to himself, or the surrounding area. The assessment of guide is subjective and the loan is not a legal right.
  15. User weight on Segway (including things - backpack, etc.) must be in the range of 25 to 117 kg.
  16. The areas with predominant recreational functions (eg in parks) is important to pay extra attention to pedestrian safety.

How the segway tour looks like

Client will arrive to our base point in hotel Intercontintental, Parizska 30, around 10 minutes before segway tour. It can be to our office, which is located inside of hotel, behid the lobby bar on the left side, or directly to our meeting point, where all the tours starts from, which is in area in front of the enterance to hotels, near the flags on little square. We recommend you to take more warmer clothes, than you will take for normal walking in the same weather. We also recommend comfortable shoes, for exaple sneakers, and we don't recommend shoes with high heels. Helmet, raincoat and gloves is included in price, in case of need, just ask your guide.

After client meet his guide, client will get a declaration to sign. You can see declaration few lines below. Than the client will put on his helmet and guide will give him instruction, how to ride the sagway and also few tips what to do and maybe more important, what not to do on the segway. After a few minutes of practicing on the segway the tour will start and the guide is leading the group from first position in the group.


In this declaration, client agree with this text below:

I have been advised by a Trainer of safety precautions and trained to my satisfaction before using the Segway.I hereby assume all the risks associated with the use of the Segway during the tour or all related events. I realize that I may incur liability from my negligence or carelessness to third party and I accept full responsibility for my actions, my well-being, and any damages I may cause. The risk include, but not limited to: other riders, pedestrians, traffic and facilities. By signing this document a certify that I meet the following conditions:

- I am not under the influence of alcohol, drug or psychotropic substances during the tour

- I meet the weight limit for safe riding on Segway, which is between 25 - 117 kg (55 – 257 pounds).

- * I am not pregnant (women only)

As an independent rider, I understand and agree that I will be completely responsible for controlling Segway safely and I accept complete financial responsibility for any damage or loss to any Segway that I ride. I will follow instructions of Trainer or staff member and I understand and accept rental rules and regulations. I agree with the obligation to wear the helmet all through the trip.

By signing this document, I am certifying that I have read it and understand it, and accept its terms.

Brief description of how to operate with segway

Segway is two wheeled vehicle, which you are standing on in upright position and you control the vehicle with leaning your body forward or backward and direction with handles – bar to right or left. Segway is safety way of transport and you can handle it in few moments – it is about trust, that it won't let you fall. It is almost impossible to fall with this vehicle and so you don't have to worry, that learning how to drive the segway will cost you any extra energy. Even better, riding a segway is amusing, because you control the machine practicaly only with simple moves of your body. To go forward, simply just lean forward. More you lean, faster you go ! And you can stop again with upright position. Segway can be perfect compensation for walking and it allows you to operate also on very small space. Come and enjoy with us experience on this futuristic vehicle.

Technical parameters of segway X2

Weight of the machine:54,4 kg
Load capacity:25 kg až 115 kg
Access on 1 charge:up to 32 km
Max. speed:up to 21 km / 1 hour

Technical parameters of segway I2

Weight of the machine:48 Kg
Load capacity:25kg až 115 kg
Access on 1 charge:up to 40 km
Max. speed:up to 21 km / 1 hour

How to ride Segway:

The manipulation of Segway HT is intuitive and natural. Once you stand on it you are fully under the protection of its dynamic stabilization. You start moving forward when gently leaning over. The more you lean forward the quicker you move. You break when leaning back and straightening your body in an upright position. If you lean back Segway HT starts reversing. You turn with the rotary part of the handle bars similarly to the motorbike accelerator. Mastering the basics of controlling Segway HT is a matter of a few minutes. After this short instruction you can move smoothly and you will understand the principles of its manipulation. Segway HT substitutes for walking, it enables you to manoeuvre within limited space, it can turn around its own axis and if you need to stop the Segway HT will stand on the spot.

The use of Segway HT is multiple-from personal purposes such as way to work, for shopping, trips to the countryside, to professional use of the police, post, transport at fair trades, movement of workers in open terrain. Segway HT is an excellent partner for travelling in urban environment, thanks to the Michelin tires it manages to go on any type of surface, you can ride it on the forest paths, meadows and in open terrain. All parts of Segway HT are well protected against extreme environmental influences. It is resistant to dust, moisture, vibrations and temperature changes.

Apart from security measures standard with all Segway types, Segway X2 comes with innovations such as wireless remote controller InfoKey. This enables the driver to monitor the speed, distance traveled, battery status or to activate security. The LeanSteer handlebars can be set according to your needs.

Authorized Rental of the SEGWAY Personal Transporters. Provider provides services according to prescribed standards with emphasis on quality and safety. Do not mess with other non authorized providers.

Contact information

Hotel Grandior
Na Florenci 1412/29
Prague 1

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