Our offer

We rent X2 Segway which can ride on any type of terrain.


The deep tread pattern on the tires of Segway X2 make it possible for this machine to go through tricky sections of mud, gravel, grass or sand. Specially modified software and wider wheelbase ensures maximum stability. The machine can ride 20km at a single charging.

No matter where the adrenalin drives you, you will enjoy pure enthusiasm as the Segway X2 model will ride with you on all types of terrain being manipulated by a single movement of your body.

Offer of rent for individuals:

The basic introductory price from 500kc

Offer of rent for groups and families:

Discounted rates for the third and fourth person in the group. If you rent the Segway machines for all day or weekend the fourth person in the group rides for free.

Offer for companies:

Do you want to reward your employees and you don’t want to give them money or advertising goods? Contact us and we will think up a reward suitable for your employees and colleagues.

We offer a unique experience on the Segway machines for your company events. We can also enhance your advertising campaign on these machines that nobody will fail to notice.

Vouchers for a Segway:

Choose on our pricelist the desired service and time. Contact us and we will prepare an individual voucher for birthday, anniversary, wedding or for any other special occasion.

Advertising services on Segway:

We offer cooperation in the field of advertising-namely through the advertising space on Segway that nobody fails to notice. We offer a number of different types of shields.

In case of this type of cooperation we prefer face to face negotiations and we can make the advertisement correspond to your requirements and demands.

Authorized Rental of the SEGWAY Personal Transporters. Provider provides services according to prescribed standards with emphasis on quality and safety. Do not mess with other non authorized providers.

Contact information

Hotel Grandior
Na Florenci 1412/29
Prague 1

For fast communication and tour reservation don't hesitate to ask us:


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