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  • we run segway services since 2008
  • the best rated company in outdoor activities on
  • we offer both types of segway (road or off-road types)
  • customize your activity according to your wishes
  • the best rated stuff
  • guarantee of maximum quality and safety
  • the most segway machines in Czech Republic

Do you want to reward your employees and you don’t want to give them money or advertising goods? Contact us and we will think up a reward suitable for your employees and colleagues. We offer a unique experience on the Segway machines for you company events. We can also enhance your advertising campaign on these machines that nobody will fail to notice.

company events - Segway rent


Are you looking for unusual experience for your collegaues? Do you want to brake the ice through unusual experience? Segway programme is the best solution for you!

We organize teambuilding events with long year tradition and we cooperate with some companies even many times during the every year.
Write us your idea and based on it we will prepare for you programme exactly due on you. We will prepare for you ride on i2 type or more terrain x2. Then there is the otion to do skills ride or race on time. Every member going to be properly practiced before the tour and get the helmet.

Leťs contact us and enjoy your company day!

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company events - Segway rent

Company event in Autodrom Sosnová

Our segway team went in the beginnng of December to the city of Česká Lípa and participated in fun day in the area of Autodrom Sosnová.

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company events - Segway rent

Segway event September 26th

Company event in the Mother of cities and the heart of Europe. 30 students from Germany came to Prague to try out segway riding. Young students really enjoyed a little break from their hard study.

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company events - Segway rent

Shooting in the park Ladronka

Shooting day with Česká televize in the park Ladronka. We were invited for shooting, where segways played with Radim Fiala and others.

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company events - Segway rent

Segway event August 15th

Segway fans,

thank you for your interest in our company while providing meetings or all kind of parties. We appreciate that we can arrange your event.

One of our client named Jana did contact us and ask for inspiriting her birthday party. There was around 45 people and every single guy loved it.

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company events - Segway rent

Teambuilding on segway

On a segway not only through Prague!

We managed teambuilding party for 55 participants on a place which is near to Prague in Střední Čechy. One unnamed company did order segways to their private property in Střední Čechy, where we managed for them time slalom and make their non working afternoon pleasant.

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company events - Segway rent

Teambuilding now in Jižní Čechy

We went to another teambuilding now in Jižní Čechy. We were riding through the forest path, where we did enjoy a lot of fun. Our X2 segway can handle even cross country riding.

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company events - Segway rent

Thank you !

Dear fans of modern and environmentally friendly forms of mobility,

let me thank you for your positive feedback, we were able to operate a segway services and activities connected with segways for 7 years. The quality of our services reflects in particular our first position in outdoor activities to world-famous portal

The reason for this success is mainly young, diligent and friendly staff and also a professional approach to this activity. We are able to arrange transport of machines throughout the Czech Republic, set up an activity Segway tailor and adapt to your wishes. Our goal is mainly the satisfaction and safety of clients.

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company events - Segway rent

Segway event 2nd of October

Dear segway fans,

We are glad that we can help you organize celebrations and unusual experiences. We appreciate very much the fact that we can be part of your celebrations.

Precisely in this way, our services was used on 2nd of October by Helena for her group of 20 people, including 12 children. The experience was as a game with: historical figures.

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company events - Segway rent

Segway for any event !

Dear segway fans,

we are really thankfull for using our segway rent company for really wide range of activities. For more than 6 years we are preparing teambuilding and incoming events, different competitions for company events. We are also helping with your advertisment or to make your promo team more visible while promoting your product or simply bringing joy and fun on your celebration and parties.

Our segway rent company in Prague one more participated in last mentioned event - private celebration of birthday, where everybody did enjoy the segway ride and everybody had a lot of fun. We are really happy, that we can be a part of your celebration and we are even more proud, when you enjoy the segway as much as our last client, see feedback below:

Dear Mr. Dravecký,
we would like to thank you for today, the event was excellent and the birthday girl was relly happy from this surprise, as the rest of us :) A special thankx for our instructor, who was super and really helpful !

Wishy you a nice day,

Petra K.

From Segway rent Prague - Peter

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company events - Segway rent

Segway event 18th of January

Dear Segway fans,

On 18th of January, we have accommodate an event with 42 participants in age between 22 and 65 years.

Event was in inside area in sport center on tenis courts with synthetic surface, from 9:30 in the morning until 16:00.

Due to the higher number of participants, there were 2 our experienced instructors who, during the event, in numerous training, cared for and helped clients with segways.

There was also a rescue service, but due to the discretion of the clients, the attention of rescue service was not neccesary. Event works perfectly :)

Thank you

Team SEGWAY Rent

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company events - Segway rent

SEGWAY TOUR 16. 1. 2011

This past Sunday afternoon, we gathered quite a big group of French tourists, who were staying in the Hotel Intercontinental. Our stand is not far from the front of this hotel.. French were very skilful at driving segway. Three groups of 23 Segways including the instrucktor, drove through Prague for almost 5 hours. The tourists were pretty much satisfied at the end of their journey. The next morning their directors booked an additional private tour through Prague.

Overall, we had 60 contented people on the tour. They had a look at Old Town Square, Prague Castle and the historical centre of Prague. Professional, French-speaking guides gave them all the important historical information as we toured the city.

If you are expecting visitors from another country and you would like to show them Prague in some unusual way, the Segway is the best way!

Your SEGWAY TEAM: Michal, Honza, Ondřej a Pavel

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company events - Segway rent

Accompanying event Segway Golf Cihelny

Hello to all visitors of our - your
Another year over and we have again enjoyed a pleasant segway event in a beautiful surroundings of the golf course Cihelna.
We prepared an accompanying program for the wives and children of the golf players of important names and low handicaps. We are still enjoying trips in Prague, yet we were happy to have the chance to spend lovely moments in the greenery of the woods surrounding the neat greens. Provided there are some golf pitch keepers among the readers of this article do not hesitate to contact us.We like golf almost as much as we like segway machines.
The freshly watered green was no problem for our X2 machines. By no means did anybody slip on the wet grass or even fall off the machine. Everybody was gracefully driving between the cones like an experienced driver.They were, after all. members of "golf" families for whom speed and luxury are every day business...several families i fact arrived for this years event by a helicopter.Well, there is no time to waste time....
We are looking for further golf-and company-events -and,above all, to the trips on segways with you.
If you are thinking of potential cooperation, please contact us on:725006900 or 725006800 or send us an email with your idea about the event

Have a nice day and come to try our segeway machines to the point of our business at Intercontinental hotel in Prague 1.

Your instructors for the company events
Michal a Honza

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company events - Segway rent

Company actions on segways

We offer different entertainment programs on X2 machines to the companies for their activities all around the year. These new machines can go in any terrain. Offer to your employees unique view of the world around them, such that they have never seen before. We organize accompanying programs but also specific trips. We can adjust our service to your expectations.

The complete program on segways consists of following parts:
• Security instructions for all participants of the trip
• Training about how to ride the segway machine
• Supervision during the whole program
• Organization of the whole action

We are looking forward to cooperating with you. Your instructors Honza and Michal.
PS:Bellow you can see a few pictures of the program for the company ERPET that organized a golf tournament in Cihelny-not far from Karlovy Vary. We are going there next year again and hope to give a ride to Jirka Macháček

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Authorized Rental of the SEGWAY Personal Transporters. Provider provides services according to prescribed standards with emphasis on quality and safety. Do not mess with other non authorized providers.

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